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Oleg Maltsev

Dr. Oleg Maltsev is a world-renowned European scholar, head of the “Memory Institute,” named after Grigory S. Popov. Author of exceptional scholarly works in criminology, psychology, and philosophy. He is a Presidium member and academician of the European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (EUASU). Dr. Maltsev is the head of the Expeditionary Corps (the prime department of the Memory Institute), which has been conducting field research worldwide for more than eight years to explore how different nations and rulers attained power throughout history.

Jerome Krase

Prof. Dr. Jerome Krase Emeritus Professor, sociologist, Murray Koppelman Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences. President of European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Expert in sociology, gentrification in Brooklyn, Brooklyn ethnic groups, Italian-American politics, culture, race, class, urban life and Ethnicity in New York. One of his recent books includes Race, Class, and Gentrification in Brooklyn: A View from the Street. He is a public activist-scholar and serves as a consultant to public and private agencies regarding urban community issues. Co-Editor of Urbanities, and Editorial Board Member of Visual Studies, and CIDADES.

Patrick Hutton

Prof. Patrick Hutton is professor of history emeritus at the University of Vermont, where he taught European intellectual history and historiography. His books germane to studies in mentalities and memory include: The Cult of the Revolutionary Tradition (1981), History as an Art of Memory (1993), Philippe Aries and the Politics of French Cultural History (2004), The Memory Phenomenon in Contemporary Historical Writing (2016), and A Cultural History of Memory in the Eighteenth Century (2020). His teaching experience: European intellectual history, the history of collective mentalities, the history of private life, cultural contexts of memory, historiography, philosophy of history, etc.

Stanton E. Samenow

Dr. Stanton E. Samenow is a clinical psychologist licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He specializes in juvenile and adult criminal behavior and in matters related to child custody and visitation. He has served as a consultant and expert witness for a variety of courts and agencies, including the FBI. Dr. Samenow is an author of numerous books including “Inside the Criminal Mind”, and co-author of the three volumes “The Criminal Personality.”

Terri Morrison

Terri Morrison – Speaker and author of ten books, including “Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands: The Bestselling Guide to Doing Business in More Than Sixty Countries.” It is one of Inc. Magazine’s “7 Best Books on How to Negotiate” and has been translated into multiple languages – from Mandarin and Russian to Spanish and Estonian. Terri Morrison’s keynotes in intercultural communications, diversity, and globalization are both informative and engaging.

Emilio Viano

Prof. Dr. Emilio Viano – President of the International Society for Criminology. President at Bellagio Forum for World Security & Social Development.
Vice-president of European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He is on the Harvard University list of National Security Professors. Editor in Chief of the International Annals of Criminology (Cambridge University Press). A member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Penal Law (AIDP) and of the International Society for Social Defense.

Virginia Jewiss

Prof. Dr. Virginia Jewiss – She received her PhD in Italian literature from Yale University and taught at Dartmouth College and Trinity College’s Rome campus before returning to Yale, where she is currently Lecturer in the Humanities and Director of the Yale Humanities program in Rome. She has translated the work of numerous Italian authors and film directors, including Roberto Saviano’s Gomorrah, Melania Mazzucco’s Vita, and screenplays for Paolo Sorrentino and Gabriele Salvatores.

Fons Trompenaars

Dr. Fons Trompenaars – a Dutch organizational theorist, management consultant in the field of cross-cultural communication, known for the development of Trompenaars’ model of national culture differences. An internationally renowned author in the field of cross-cultural communication. He has spent over 25 years helping Fortune 500 leaders and professionals manage and solve their business and cultural dilemmas to increase global effectiveness and performance, particularly in the areas of globalization, mergers and acquisition, HR and leadership development.

Donal Carbaugh

Prof. Donal Carbaugh is Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he received several honors for his outreach, research, and teaching. His book, Cultures in Conversation, has, like him, been called an Old Chestnut, an award endowing it with “classic status.” He is an Old Member of Linacre College, Oxford, recipient of several Fulbright Awards including the Bicentennial Chair and Distinguished Fulbright Professor at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He has lectured all over the world, at the National Academies of Science, served the US Congress’ Office of Technology Assessment, and for a decade provided research support for General Motors.

Finn Majlergaard

Dr. Finn Majlergaard – an author, Keynote Speaker, Board Member and Entrepreneur and he teaches at several universities and business schools around the world on global leadership, cross-cultural leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. He is the founder and CEO of Gugin, helping entrepreneurs and companies around the world to become more successful internationally. He has worked with more than 600 companies and entrepreneurs around the world, helping them become better at leveraging the opportunities and mitigating the risks of a globalised world.

James Finckenauer

Prof. Dr. James Finckenauer – Organized crime expert, author, distinguished Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University, former Director of the National Institute of Justice, Washington DC. Academician of European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Dr Finckenauer is an expert in human trafficking, juvenile and international criminal justice. Author of numerous books on Russian organized crime in the US.

Emanuela Ferreri

Dr. Emanuela Ferreri has a degree in Anthropology and a PhD in Sociology. Currently she is Research Fellow and Lecturer (Dep.t Political Sciences, Sapienza, University of Rome), and teaches Sociology and International cooperation and development processes (Sapienza; Unitelma-Sapienza; Luiss-Guido Carli of Rome). She is a member of AIS (Italian Association of Sociology – Sociology of Imaginaries) and has authored several publications on sociological and anthropological theories, intercultural perspectives and social change. 

Craig Storti

Craig Storti – he is a nationally known figure in the field of intercultural communications and cross-cultural adaptation and the author of several standard works, including Culture Matters, a cross-cultural workbook used by the U. S. government in over 90 countries. Craig Storti has over thirty years of experience training businessmen and women, diplomats, civil servants, and foreign aid workers in understanding and working effectively with people from other cultures and diverse backgrounds.

Rik Pinxten

Prof. Rik Pinxten – researcher in cultural anthropology at Ghent University. He was chairman of the Liberal Humanist Association of Flanders, the Flemish section of The Humanist Association (Belgium). He is chairman of the Center for Intercultural Communication and Interaction (CICI) of the University of Ghent. Together with Gerard Mortier, he was an advocate for the creation of the progressive Music Forum “The Krook” in Ghent. In 2004, he received the Ark Prize of the Free Word for his book The Artistic Society.

Carol Shumate

Carol ShumatePhD, Comparative Literature, University of Colorado, has taught the course on psychological type at Pacifica Graduate Institute since 2013, when she co-taught it with analyst John Beebe. Her book Projection and Personality Development via the Eight-Function Model (2021) synthesizes decades of research on the unconscious functions of Jungian typology. She launched the journal Personality Type in Depth in 2010, and in 2020 helped launch the Depth Typology Center, created to archive scholarly resources at the interface of depth psychology and psychological type.

Brandon Spars

Prof. Brandon Spars – an author, teacher and storyteller. He received his doctorate in an interdisciplinary program at UC Berkeley in 2002. He has contributed to countless workshops and conferences on the intersection between storytelling, ancient history, and pedagogy. He has been a college and high school instructor for twenty-five years, primarily at UC Berkeley and Sonoma Academy. He has also taught at the College of the Marshall Islands, The Padang Teaching Institute in Sumatra, The University of Mahasaraswati in Bali, Indonesia.

Kent A. Ono

Kent A. Ono is a Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Utah. Prof. Ono conducts critical and theoretical research of print, film, and television media, specifically focusing on representations of race, gender, sexuality, class, and nation. He is President of the National Communication Association. He has authored Contemporary Media Culture and the Remnants of a Colonial Past (Peter Lang, 2009). Also, in addition to co-authoring “Asian Americans and the Media with Vincent Pham” and “Shifting Borders: Rhetoric, Immigration, and California’s Proposition 187 with John Sloop”, and other.

Michael Conforti

Dr. Michael Conforti – a Jungian analyst, Founder/ Director of the Assisi Institute and teaches at The New York, and Boston Jung Institutes. A pioneer in the field of matter-psyche studies, and presents his work internationally, including; Latin America, Italy, Russia, and South Africa. He is the author of Threshold Experiences: The Archetype of Beginnings, and Field, Form and Fate: Patterns in Mind, Nature and Psyche, translated into Italian, Russian, and Spanish. He was selected by The Club of Budapest and the University of Potsdam to be part of a 20 member international team of physicists, biologists, and dynamical systems theorists to examine the role and influence of informational fields.

Lucien Oulahbib

Dr. Lucien Oulahbib – writer, lecturer, sociologist, political scientist. Academician of European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He is a chief editor of scientific journal “Dogma”. Dr. Lucien spent many years working together with french thinker Jean Baudrillard. Author of numerous scientific papers and books on french nihilism and neo-leninism, radical islamism, anti-americanism and antisemitism.

Liah Greenfeld

Prof. Dr. Liah Greenfeld — Professor of Sociology, Political Science and Anthropology at Boston University. She has a PhD in Sociology of Art from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has taught Sociology in several American universities, including Harvard, Chicago and MIT. She is best known for her trilogy on nationalism — Nationalism: Five Roads to Modernity (1992), The Spirit of Capitalism: Nationalism and Economic Growth (2001) and Mind, Modernity, Madness: The Impact of Culture on Human Experience (2013).

Douglas Keister

Douglas Keister is a photographer-writer, has authored and co-authored forty-five critically acclaimed books. He also writes and illustrates magazine articles and contributes photographs and essays to dozens of magazines, newspapers, books, calendars, posters and greeting cards worldwide. Douglas has been on an Antiques Roadshow-like adventure for over a half century. His forty-five books on architecture include four books on Victorian homes, two editions of a book on 1920’s whimsical homes a book about cemetery art and architecture, a book on Spanish architecture etc. In October 2010 his cemetery books and photography were featured in a segment of CBS Sunday Morning.

Larry Bleiberg

Larry Bleiberg – Writer, editor, traveler. He is President of the Society of American Travel Writers. The award-winning writer has served on a Pulitzer Prize team, is an eight-time Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award winner, and was honored for editing the best newspaper travel section in North America. Larry writes columns for USA Today and Better Homes & Gardens, and has contributed to the Los Angeles Times, BBC, the Washington Post, Delta Sky, Afar, Westways, Southbound, CNN, and others. He helped produce several National Geographic books, and created CivilRightsTravel.com.

Vitalii Lunov

Prof. Vitalii Lunov – Associate Professor in the university named after O.O. Bogomoltsa. Presidium member of European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Member of the American psychological Association, the American Academy of clinical psychology, World Federation for mental health (USA), the European Academy of natural Sciences (Hannover, Germany).

Maxim Lepskiy

Prof. Maxim Lepskiy – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the Chair of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Administration, Zaporizhzhya National University. Head of Research Board in Social Forecasting Sociological Association of Ukraine, Academician of the European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

Vladimir Skvorets

Ph.D. Vladimir Skvorets – Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Sociology at Zaporizhzhya National University. Academician of the European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Author of 127 scientific and methodological publications, among them three monographs. Two of them are: “The life of people as a social phenomenon” (2012); “Transformation of the sociohistorical organism of Ukraine: analytics of social processes” (2019).

Oleksandr Sahaidak

Ph.D. Oleksandr Sahaidak – Head of Theurung Association. He is a psychologist, Jungian analyst, hypnologist, academician, expert in anthropology and sociology. Chairman of the Psychological-philosophical scientific society at the UAS.

Douglas Kellner

Dr. Douglas Kellner – Author, critical theorist. Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Education, Gender Studies, and Germanic Languages at UCLA. Academician of European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Kellner is an author of the Baudrillard page in Stanford Online Encyclopedia. Kellner collaborated with Steven Best on an award-winning trilogy of books examining postmodern turns in philosophy, the arts, and science and technology. He served as the literary executor of the documentary film maker Emile de Antonio and acted as editor of “Collected Papers of Herbert Marcuse,” which collected six volumes of the papers of the critical theorist Herbert Marcuse.

Steve Gennaro

Dr. Steve Gennaro – Professor in the Humanities department at York University (Canada). He explores the intersections of media, technology, psychology, and youth identity. He is one of the founding members of the Children, Childhood, and Youth Studies Program at York University, where he has taught in the Department of Humanities and the Department of Communication Studies for close to two decades, with more than a decade of experience teaching online. He is the author of Selling Youth (2010) and regularly publishes in areas related to the philosophy of technology and critical media studies of youth identity and politics.

Derek Ridgers

Derek Ridgers is a British photographer known for his photography of music, film and club/street culture. He has photographed people such as James Brown, The Spice Girls, Clint Eastwood and Johnny Depp, as well as politicians (Tony Blair), gangsters (Freddie Foreman), artists (Julian Schnabel), writers (Martin Amis), fashion designers (John Galliano) and sports people (Tiger Woods). Ridgers has also photographed British social scenes such as skinhead, fetish, club, punk and New Romantics.

Adam Glaz

Adam Glaz teaches and researches in cognitive and cultural linguistics at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin, Poland. His special interests lie in linguistic worldview and in viewpoint phenomena in language. He has edited and co-edited several volumes, including  “The Linguistic Worldview. Ethnolinguistics, Cognition, and Culture“  and “Languages-Cultures-Worldviews. Focus on Translation“ (2019). His recent authored monograph is “Linguistic Worldview(s). Approaches and Applications“ (2022). 

Luiza Sartori Costa

Luiza Sartori Costa is a Master’s student in “Human Rights and Multi Level Governance” at the Università degli Studi di Padova. Graduated in International Relations in Campinas, with a focus on Human Rights, specifically Children’s Human Rights. Author of the book “Child marriage: Stolen childhood by serious violations of children’s human rights”.

Rory Miller

Rory Miller is a writer and teacher. He has served for seventeen years in corrections as an officer and sergeant working maximum security, booking and mental health; leading a tactical team; and teaching subjects ranging from Defensive Tactics and Use of Force to First Aid and Crisis Communications with the Mentally Ill. For fourteen months he was an advisor to the Iraqi Corrections System working in Baghdad and Kurdish Sulaymaniyah. Rory received a BS degree in Psychology; served in the National Guard as a Combat Medic (91A/B); is the author of “Meditations on Violence: A Comparison of Martial Arts Training and Real World Violence” and a few other things.

Sanjay Soekhoe

Sanjay Soekhoe is a professional strength and conditioning coach, boxing coach, and videographer. Currently, he trains athletes in various disciplines. He is one of the few Westside Barbell certified coaches in the world and the first in the Netherlands. His research interests are martial arts, improving athletic performance, and strength-conditioning. He also writes for the international publication World of Martial Arts.

Darina Karuna

Darina Karuna – member of the special scientific unit “Expeditionary Corps”, Research Fellow of the Memory Institute. Editor-in-chief of the scientific “Expedition Journal”. She is a honorary member of the Psychological and Philosophical Society, Presidium member of Odessa Historic-literature scientific society, member of the oldest Odessa Photographic Society.

Avi Nardia

Avi Nardia is a martial artist, founder of the defence martial art KAPAP. In the course of 24 years as a reserve officer, he (Major, IDF Res.) has served as an official hand-to-hand instructor, safety officer and served in the Special Counter Terror Unit. He has also trained Police agencies and armed forces all over the world, from Police patrol and corrections officers to SWAT, SRT and SERT team members along with Army, Marine and counter terror units and Special Forces.

Federico Roso

Federico Roso – Former Carabiniere, health and safety consultant, consults organizations to reduce health and safety risks at the workplaces. He is qualified in fields such as Prevention and Protection Service, Safety Training Instructor, High Risk Fire Fighting and Self Defense.

Nigel Holden

Prof. Nigel Holden is a professor of cross-cultural management at university business schools in the UK, Germany and Denmark since 1998. He retired from full-time academic life in December 2010. From 2011 to 2017 he was a Visiting Research Fellow at Leeds University Business School in the UK. A widely travelled management educator and scholar, he has published widely on cross-cultural management with reference to the global knowledge economy, language and translation in international business, management in Russia, global talent management, and business history. His book Cross-cultural management: a knowledge management approach (2002) remains influential and has appeared in Russian and Chinese versions.

Iryna Lopatiuk

Iryna Lopatiuk – Associate fellow of Ukraine Academy of Science and the Memory Institute. Member of the special scientific unit “Expeditionary corps”. Chairman of Odessa Historic-literature scientific society. Secretary of Psychological and Philosophical Scientific Society.

Maryna Illiusha

Maryna Illiusha is a fate analysis expert. Head of the Scientific Research Institute “International Fate-Analysis Society”. Member of the special scientific unit “Expeditionary Corps”. Presidium member of Psychological and Philosophical Scientific Society.

Valeriia Honcharova

Valeriia Honcharova – Postgraduate student in Sociology at the Zaporizhzhye National University. Author of publications of international/Ukrainian scientific Conferences. Research interests: social technologies, aviation management, aviation safety.

Afsaneh Nahavandi

Prof. Dr. Afsaneh Nahavandi is a professor of management and former chair of the Leadership Studies Department at the University of San Diego School of Business. Her experience includes a strong teaching and robust publishing and research portfolio along consulting expertise to public and private agencies in the areas of leadership and culture. Her most recent text is The Cultural Mindset: Managing People Across Cultures (2021). Her textbook The Art and Science of Leadership is one of the best-selling leadership textbooks in the USA.